Well, for those of you who know me, I have been talking about a blog for a LONG time now. Every time a random thought pops into my tired little brain I think, “Oooh, remember that for your blog!” After months and months of waiting we finally replaced our computer and now I can begin.

I spent a lot of time thinking about what my blog should be ‘about’. Should I write about kids, marriage, books, photography, politics, sex, etc? Well, since I am an expert in all categories I decided to break all the rules and write about whatever the hell runs through my head. (hence the title of the blog). So, my posts are probably not going to be very consistent, and definitely not well written, but hopefully entertaining.

I will try NOT to talk too much about my kids (even though are adorable and fascinating) in case it applies to everyone else. I will try NOT to bitch and moan about every day dramas (I feel like the more you talk about ‘hating the drama’ the more you are probably causing it). I will try NOT to be preachy (because that is just annoying). Feel free to call me out on any of these moving forward. Thanks for reading!