Well today is my 30th birthday. It’s funny how different birthdays become when you get older. I went to work, then the DMV, and tonight I will go get my ass kicked at boot camp (now that will make me feel old). All day people have been asking me how I feel about turning 30. I don’t know if I am supposed to feel any different. I realize this is a milestone. It means my 20’s are over. But, honestly, I think I am more excited than anything else. I truly believe that my 30’s will be the best decade yet. If I really think about it: I’m married to a man I love more and more every day, I am DONE having kids, I am healthy, and I enjoy my life right now. To me this is way better than parties at college, or being super poor at 25 (I’m still poor, just not super poor), or the uncertainty of what next year is going to bring. I have learned to love the stability and consistency of my life. I wake up knowing my kids are going to be there making me smile every minute, I know my husband is going to come home and be a good man, and I know I have my own identy completely separate from that. I’m no longer trying to figure out who I am or what I really want and that is refreshing. Obviously I still have a lot to learn and am going to grow and change in ways I’m sure I can’t imagine over the next 10 years, but it is definitely more exciting than scary.