(Don’t worry- no spoilers) I am sure most of you have either read or at least heard of this book by now because it seems like the world is talking about. And, now that I finished the first book, I know why. First I’ll give you a little background without ruining the story for you and then I’ll go into my commentary.

The story is about a young girl, fresh out of college who meets a ridiculously hot and insanely rich man who wants her. Too good to be true? Yep! It turns out that this man, Christian Grey, has some very particular sexual preferences. The book (in pretty serious detail) talks about their sexual relationship, the normal ups and downs, and the sacrifices or concessions you make in a new relationship and when dealing with another person’s baggage. This is actually a trilogy, but I have only read the first book so I can only comment on the beginning of the story.

What is so fascinating about this book is how it is unlike anything that most of us have read. This is a love story WITH sex. And, let’s be honest here, that’s what women want in a book, love AND sex. We might not have known this about ourselves before reading 50 shades, but we know now! Now, I don’t want to say that women are more sophisticated with our ‘pornography’ preferences, but what the hell- Women are more sophisticated with our ‘pornography’ preferences. (I am using quotes because I feel like porn has a bad stigma and this book is nothing like what the average person thinks of when they think of porn). Women are not impressed by the following: girl answers knock at door, it’s the pizza guy but she has no money for the pizza. How can she possibly pay the man? Oh, I have an idea…. Yadda yadda yadda…..rough degrading fast sex…..shows over. We want a love story with a strong female protagonist and a sexy man, oh yeah and sex (even kinky sex). Who knew?! This book provides that. It’s like porn for the strong independent female.

Since first hearing about this book, I have heard women talking about it EVERYWHERE! That is every author’s dream- to write a story that the world is talking about. Women of all ages are discussing this book. Your mom is probably reading this book! Why? Because it is missing from our lives. This is the perfect book for women in monogamous relationships and its the perfect book for single women too. We could all use a little sexual excitement. How is it that no one else has thought of or succeeded with this? This is a HUGE un-tapped market and I predict it won’t be un-tapped for long. I bet there will be a lot more books and movies coming out like this in the next 3 years. The market has spoken.

Now, I’m not blindly praising this book. It does have flaws. Some parts are a little repetitive and the writing is not great. I like beautiful literary fiction and this definitely falls short, but frankly I don’t care. It makes up for that in how the story sucks you in and you want to hear about what they are going to do next. Feminists might find issue with this book (and I usually lean a little feminist myself), but I don’t mind it in this story. Does the female character make sacrifices she is not thrilled about to make a man happy? Yes. But the male character does as well. They struggle to find their own version of normal the way that we all do. And it’s thrillingly voyeuristic to watch it unfold.

Read this book! Better yet, read it out loud to your husband. 🙂