Men are not complicated, they are not confusing- they are not women. Here are things that are true about 90% of men.

 1. They can’t read our minds and wish we would just tell them what we want. If you want a party for your birthday, or you want him to help more, or you are annoyed about something- tell him. Men aren’t that smart. 🙂

 2. They think confidence is sexy and insecurity is annoying. They do not want to constantly tell you that you look good and reassure you for the 100th time that you are not fat. Confidence (but not cocky) is refreshing.

 3. They really want their friends to like you. If you can win over the guys, it’s a big deal. If you want to be a keeper- this is a must.

 4. You don’t need a Cosmo subscription to please a man in bed. They just want a little enthusiasm. There are not ’75 Ways to Drive Your Man Crazy in the Sack’. There’s like 4- just get good at them.

 5. They like to watch/talk about/play sports. If you don’t want for this to be a constant fight you have to either learn to watch and enjoy with him or allow time where it’s okay that he does it without you. I recommend picking at least one that you like more than the others and watch with him. I love football and am usually in 2 fantasy football leagues. Trust me the first time you say something like, “I think I am going to draft Ray Rice really early because I’m in a point per reception league” he’ll spit out his beer.