I’ve always wanted to be a part of a book club, but could never organize enough people to read the types of books that I want to read. So, I started my own. I will pick the first book and then be open to suggestions for future books. There is no obligation because obligations are not fun and I want this to be fun. The only thing that we will miss by doing it via my blog is that we can’t get together and drink wine to discuss. But, I guess we can all drink alone at home in front of the computer (for a lot of us this is nothing new).

I am VERY excited to announce the first book in Candysbrain No Obligation Book Club. I chose the book ‘Strong Motion’ by Jonathan Franzen. Here is a quick description of the book: Louis Holland arrives in Boston to find that a minor earthquake in Ipswich has killed his eccentric grandmother, triggering a struggle between him, his sister Eileen, and his mother Melanie over the disposition of a $22 million inheritance. During a visit to the beach, Louis meets Dr. Reneé Seitchek, a Harvard seismologist who believes she has discovered the cause of subsequent earthquakes in Peabody. Louis, Reneé, and the Hollands’ affairs become entangled with the petrochemical and weapons company Sweeting-Aldren, as well as a pro-life activist commune called the Church of Action in Christ, headed by Reverend Philip Stites.

I chose the book because I LOVE Jonathan Franzen’s writing. He may be the best writer that is writing right now! No one can write a dysfunctional family like this man can. He just has a way of describing things that make you feel like you are there. His writing is a big fluffy towel wrapped around you after a day at the beach. And, it’s not that his writing is ‘light’ or ‘comfortable’- it’s not! It is just so beautiful it makes your heart hurt. I have read ‘The Corrections’ and ‘Freedom’ by the same author and LOVED them.

A line from Strong Motion: “She gave careful attention to her ankles, fingering the round protruding bones, pinching the tendons in back and rocking a little. Her face was already losing prettiness. Time and sun and business school had made her color more shallow, a conceivable middle-aged Eileen suddingly beginning to show thruough like old wallpaper beneath a coat of new paint.”

I am starting this book today and do not have a due date. It’s a Franzen book so it’s probably pretty long. I have a Kindle so it’s hard to tell how fat this book is. I will post occasionally under the category of book club and please feel free to comment as you are reading. Since this is the first book in the club, there is a pretty good chance that I will be reading this alone and that’s okay. Thanks for joining me!