announcementThis is a little mini-rant about why we are all crazy and about what you do NOT need to worry about eating! I have heard so many crazy things lately I feel like I am going to lose my mind. This will just take a minute…

This is for all of you chronic dieters that have cut out all of the fat and calories for years, the ones who measure your food, and are still struggling with your weight. This is for the ‘weight watcherers’ and the ‘jenny craigers’ etc. who did not lose weight (save the angry comments, I said for the ones who did NOT lose weight. I know it works for some).

No one gets obese on 2% milk! I know you switched to skim because it has fewer calories. I get it. But, no one has ever said, “man, if I could just get off the milk, I could lose these 50 extra pounds!”

No one gets unhealthy from egg yolks! Yes, I know, the bulk of the calories from eggs (and cholesterol) is in the yolk. I also know that eggs are a dieter’s best friend. If your breakfast is eggs and veggies, and you eat ‘real food’ for the rest of the day, you will not get fat or get high cholesterol.

No one gets fat from avocado or guacamole! We get fat from tortilla chips and beans and cheese and flour tortillas and margaritas- not from the delicious, nutricious, fiber-full avocado. How much avocado can you really eat when you aren’t eating all this other junk?!

No one gets chubby from yogurt! Oh, you need to switch to the fat free, sugar free yogurt? That is not what made you fat. Eating fake foods loaded with fake sugars and extra sodium and artificial flavors is a way bigger problem than a little full-fat yogurt. Look at the labels, yogurt should have fewer than 5 ingredients and none of them should be a color.

I heard some one say the other day, “But don’t almonds have a lot of fat?!” Yes, good healthy fat that our bodies (especially our hearts) NEED to function! You know what our bodies don’t need: diet soda, chips, low-fat energy bars, high protein breakfast cereal (you want more protein at breakfast? stop eating ‘lab’* carbs and start eating protein!!!!), diet bread (what does that even mean), double fiber bread (want more fiber? eat vegetables!), and the 6 Jack and cokes you have every saturday, etc. I think you get my point.

Filling your diet with ‘diet foods’ creates a life where you are:
1. Never actually satisfied
2. Always hungry
3. Constantly fighting cravings because your body is confused
4. Binge followed closely by regret and self-loathing
5. Yo-yo weight man

We need to stop focusing on ‘diets’ and focus on health. What is real? What is going to nourish?

News flash: Being healthy/thin/fit is not convenient. It will never be convenient. It takes more time to shop, more time to cook, more time to eat, more time to exercise, and more time to plan. You can’t have both quick and healthy. Now, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get easier. It certainly does. Once you establish a routine, it becomes like everything else in your life. And, the results are so immediate too that you will realize it quickly. It is such a typical american way of thinking that we can find an easy way to get healthy that won’t ‘interfere’ with our lives. Good luck America, it’s not working.

And….rant is over.

*I am going to start using the term ‘lab’ carbs to describe processed junk carbs. I am not anti-carbs! Fruits are full of healthy delicious fiber-full carbs our bodies need. I am anti anything that had to go thru 25 steps from farm to table; I am anti flourescent-orange cheese-flavored wheat-products that are ‘low-fat’.