I love mornings. Not in the way that some people do. I don’t spring out of bed; I’m not up early enough to see the sun rise. But, once I am up, I love the first 20 min. I pour my coffee, put on PBS for the kids, and get my head together. I think about my intention for the day. I think about my focus for the day.

I know that today I want to have a fun and relaxing day. And you may be thinking, “DUH! We all want to have a fun and relaxing day.” The difference is that I am consciously choosing this as my plan. I will not agree to run around and do a bunch of errands. I will not accept an offer of play dates. I will not get worked up along with my son if he is particularly sensitive. I will not get frustrated with my daughter who is sassy beyond her years. I am not going to commit to an overly complicated meal plan. I will not spend more than 30 min. in the kitchen.

super will<

I am going to go for a nice long walk with the kids. I am NOT going to worry about how slow we are going. I am going to play in the back yard with my kids. This is going to involve tag, hide-n-seek, ninjas/fighting/swords/super heros, bubbles (god-forsaken-bubbles), and maybe a picnic. Later on, this is also going to include mommy drinking a summer ale in the driveway while my kids fight over who gets to use the red scooter and who gets to use the green scooter. But, I know their fighting/whining is coming. It is inevitable. Today I am choosing to not let it bother me.

ellie scooter

Today I am choosing to have a fun and relaxing day!