universeSo, I know it sounds a little ‘out-there’ but lately I have been trying to listen to the universe. Maybe you listen to your ‘gut’ or your ‘intuition’ or maybe to you it’s ‘god’, but I like to label this voice as the universe. It turns out, once you start listening, there is a lot to learn. I’ll share my latest lesson with you and maybe you can see a little of yourself in here somewhere.

I was at Target the other day (shocker) and I was loving all of their home décor stuff. I’ve wanted to replace my living room chairs for a long time and they have adorable chairs there right now. Then I saw some cute lamps and then some funky items like a silver rhino and some kind of modern looking bowl-dish-thing, etc. I wanted ALL of it! I found myself thinking, “I wish I could buy all of this at one time and REALLY make my house look nice”. I have good taste, but you certainly can’t tell because of my hodge-podge hand-me-down combos.

You see, having a home was important to us. Having a yard was important to us. Having a family was important to us. Having the nicest, newest furniture was not. I have two pieces of furniture in my house that I actually chose and bought. TWO. That is it.

Anyway, back to Target. So, I realized I couldn’t buy the chairs. My brain instantly jumped to “well, I can buy that rhino thing. It’s only $25 bucks.” And then, like a smack to the forehead, the universe taught me my lesson.

You know what would really make my house look nice, that wouldn’t cost me any money, and that would help me take pride in it’s appearance? Keeping it clean! If I simply kept my house a little more tidy, it would look nice. If every time I felt like buying a knick-knack I brought it home to a cluttered house, what is going to happen? More clutter, more to clean.

On top of that, I am not taking care of what I currently own. I am not grateful for what I have. Why should I be trusted with newer, nicer things? It’s like a small child who can’t take care of his stuffed animals and wants a puppy.

I do live in the real world and know that I am not going to have a spotless home and don’t actually care about that. I know that my true happiness and my children’s true happiness has NOTHING to do with white-glove-approved-shelving. However, having a nice space that is not cluttered and distracting IS soothing and peaceful. I would like to find some kind of balance that we can all live with.

So, starting tomorrow (or next week), I will begin to focus on what I already have. Appreciate what is right in front of me. Making the best of what surrounds me. I’d like to focus on gratitude and how blessed I am. Replace complaining with appreciation. Again (for the 1,700 time), easier said than done. But, I am a work in ZEN progress, and I am going to keep my ears open.