091Last week I posted a blog entitled Listen up B*tches. In the post I expressed some frustrations about selfishness and poked fun at things like selfies and our warped priorities. At the end of the post I said “I feel like I need to do something big”. Well, this post is about my something big. But first, I’m going to talk about myself for a minute. šŸ™‚

Confession 1: I am a little vain. Okay, ‘little’ was thrown in there to make me feel better about myself. Let me try again… I am vain. I take my appearance seriously and I put a lot of value in how attractive I am on any particular day. That is very embarrassing to admit, but I believe I am not alone here. I wish we lived in a world where people were valued more by the content of their character, but alas, we do not.

Confession 2: I have had an easy life. I had the typical suburban middle class upbringing in a safe area with good schools. My old college boyfriend joked that I grew up in Candyland. “Everyone drives an SUV in Candyland” “No one locks their doors in Candyland”. You get the picture. We didn’t have a lot of money, but we were fine. We were healthy, got good grades, student council, sports, etc. With the exception of losing a close friend, I have never had to deal with a tragedy or overcome anything. My life has been cake.

Confession 3: I am super emotional. I am completely incapable of seeing sad or sentimental things. You know that cheerios commercial where the little girl is sitting with her mom and talking about how their dead grandma used to eat cheerios with the mom when she was little and then the girl is like ‘so it’s kind of like we are eating breakfast with Nana’. A normal reaction to that would be ‘awwwwe’. An emotional reaction would be to tear up a little. What do I do? Sob like a maniac. The other day I was fast-forwarding thru that comercial and it STILL made me cry because I knew what it was about. Oh, and by the way, my grandma is still alive! I can’t even relate and I’m doing the ugly cry. I have problems.

A couple weeks ago, a friend on facebook posted this video (WATCH IT!) and I was hysterical. I mean ‘snot-running-down-your-face-weeping’. It is a beautiful video about the brave and happy and hopeful side of a children’s cancer wing in a hospital made by one of the nurses. And I couldn’t shake it. These poor children with cancer are living a life that I can’t even pretend to understand. I have two healthy, beautiful children. They are healthy because of nothing I have done personally. They are healthy because we got lucky. Simple as that. It doesn’t seem fair. So… I had a mini-quarter-life-crisis. What am I doing with this 1 life? What can I do that will help others? What is my legacy if I die tomorrow? What does the fox say? After processing this information and crying for maybe 87 hours, I made a decision.

I am going to shave my head for cancer!

That is right, Mrs. Vanity Magee, is going to be bald. I literally just signed up for St. Baldricks. March 1st, Brat Stop, BUZZZZZZZZZZ. (I want to throw up. No turning back. Christ.)

I know I am going to be asked about a million times between now and then ‘why’. Well, here is my short answer: Because it is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, and what does it say about my life if a haircut is the hardest thing I have ever had to do?

roald dahl quote

So, here’s is where you all come in. I am going to need a lot of support and I’m asking for your help. If I am going to do this, I would like to make it worth it! I want to raise A LOT of money. Like- break records kind of money. Here is the link to my donation page. Any and all donations are welcome. If you can only afford $5 I’ll take it. If you can’t afford $5, share this with your friends and maybe one of them has some extra cash laying around. I would also love to have all of you there at the brat stop on March 1st. More details on that to come.

I will be using this blog and facebook to solicit support in many different ways- not just to ask for money. I will also be blogging and discussing the experience. Time to put my money where my mouth is. Please stay tuned and please let me know if you have any clever ideas for fundraising.