Well we certainly hear a lot about Black Friday, Black Weekend, Cyber Weekend, Cyber Monday, Cyber Week, etc. but we don’t hear much about ‘Giving Tuesday’. Did you know the day after Cyber Monday (today) is called Giving Tuesday? The idea is that instead of just being a consumer like you probably were over the weekend, you give back a little.

You may also notice that my title had the hashtag #unselfie. Well, since ‘selfie’ was the word of the year (puke), someone had the brilliant idea to make today about ‘unselfies’. In other words, your face is covered up with a message about your giving on this day.

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Let’s help this great idea spread. Post a picture of yourself on social media with the cause you are supporting today with the hashtag #unselfie (tag me too because I would love to see all of your pictures).

If you need help figuring out who or what to support on this day, below are some ideas. Yay!

http://www.stbaldricks.org/participants/mypage/659705/2014 (this is my st. baldricks page)

Arms Around Adele (a close friend’s page who is raising money for their little princess with cystic fibrosis)

Project Chinelas (a friend’s non-profit that provides sandals for children in the Philippines)

Northern Illinois Foodbank (feed your neighbors)