942064_10201449148613312_1625857794_nIt’s that time of year again to catch you all up on how the Reimholzes did in 2013. I realize that between facebook, my blog, twitter, and actual human interaction…. you might not get to know enough about me! Well I am here to fix all of that. These of course are the highlights, I wouldn’t want you to think we were just a normal family, we are a super-family of good fortune and joy!

The Kids:
Will is in kindergarten and is starting to read! I’m sure there are a lot of kids his age that are also learning to read, but there is just something about the way he does it. It’s like, he really gets it, you know? He is also super adorable and can run really fast in his new shoes. He also is very good at playing and sleeping and telling you he loves you. Will is also a great older brother unless of course it is one of those moments that ‘Ellie ruins EVERYTHING!’

Ellie, when she is not ruining everything, is very good at being two. She likes to say “no” and “I don’t want to”. She is so independent! She just really knows what she likes and goes for it. She is also very determined for such a little girl. One day I swear she said “Mommy” 86 times in a row until she got her way. You can’t teach that! She is also very sweet and maybe the cutest child to ever walk the earth (I know that seems like an exaggeration but I’m pretty sure…). I can’t wait until she turns 3 and she magically turns into a sweet child who doesn’t whine or complain or fight with her brother. These terrible two’s are rough, but it’s only one year, right? Right!?

Brent is having a great year just killing it at everything he does. He is a big fan of the Super bowl champs The Baltimore Ravens. It was a great start to the year because not only did they win the super bowl, but they finally listened to him and got rid of their ‘good for nothing’ offensive coordinator. Obviously they didn’t follow the rest of his advice building their 2013-2014 season. I really do think that one day they will realize they should just put him on their payroll and do whatever he says. I don’t think he’s been wrong yet. Or at least I hear a lot of “I told you so’s” directed at the TV. Other than that, great dad, husband, provider, fantasy football stud, and human being.

There’s not much to say about me, I’ve just been saving the world one blog post and opinion at a time. But don’t worry, I will not rest until you all find inner peace and contentment and look good in bikinis. Also, I have decided to buy all of my own Christmas presents this year so that I get everything I want, and really isn’t that the point? What else…. oh I have seat warmers in my new car. It’s a game changer. I’ll have a toasty butt while I am driving all over town buying myself presents.

That about sums up our year. Happy Holidays to you and yours!