Hello everyone! I am in a great mood. The kind of mood you can only get in when you have a delicious dinner that is healthy and that everyone eats together around a table WITHOUT complaints. It was one of those meals that reinforces all the work I have done trying to get my family to eat in a healthy way.

I really don’t have a word to describe the way that we eat. I use ‘Paleo’ a lot because that is the closest fit. But, we do eat some dairy (beginning this year with raw milk and I can’t wait to see if it makes a difference in the way we feel), I occasionally give the kids corn and corn tortillas, I will use potatoes, I put sugar in my coffee, and I allow the occasional sweet treat (weekends, special occasions, etc.). If you are new to the blog or if you are trying to improve your health in 2014 I would recommend: drastically cutting wheat/bread/gluten if not eliminating it, drastically increasing your veggies, cutting out ALL- Yes ALL- processed foods, switching to full fat dairy, and trying to buy grass fed/pastured meat. Eating old school… I’ll work on coming up with a clever name.

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Tonight’s dinner was family style. As you can see from the picture, I made a big ol’ platter of food for all of us to share. The only rule was that they had to have a little chicken (figures, that chicken is the food that I have to encourage them to eat). Everyone dug in. Will loves kale and tomatoes, Ellis loves kale and ‘green beans’ (asparagus), Brent loves kale and chicken, and I love kale, chicken, and asparagus. My proudest moment was that the only thing left was the corn (although everyone but me had some).

I hear a lot of people talk about how this diet would be ‘so hard’ or ‘my kids would never go for it’ or ‘my husband would go crazy’ etc. They are so many options and the food is so good. There are also good short cuts available. The only things on that platter that I made tonight were the kale and asparagus. The chicken I got cooked from the grocery store yesterday (we all like cold chicken), the tomatoes were raw, and the corn was reheated from yesterday. Simple prep, not expensive at all, and stupid yummy.

The more we eat this way, the easier it gets for meal planning and buy-in from the family. If you are just starting out, please don’t get discouraged. It takes time. You will go through a withdrawal from the breads/treats/sodium-packed-nightmares you were eating before. And, remember- those of you that follow a lot of the popular blogs out there, many of them have been doing this for years and love to cook. Not everyone at home is going to have that skill set or dedication. You do NOT need to create a masterpiece every night. You are not always going to have a complicated and delicious breakfast/lunch/dinner. Just work on the basics (protein, fiber, veggie, healthy fat). You can get fancy later.

I am working on a meal planning blog, but since it is not my strong suit either, be patient with me. This is the year! (I said that in my head like “I proclaim this ‘the summer of George!'”)

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