photo (4)There are 2 types of people in the world:

People who like to talk about sex and people who think it’s rude to talk about sex.
People who ‘get over’ as soon as the traffic sign says to and Assholes.
People who cook and people who bake.
People who like being happy and people who think they like to be happy but consistently make themselves miserable.
People who can stop after 1 drink and people like me.
People that worry about their kids from the second they are born until forever and dads.
People that want to hold your baby and hear about your baby and love your baby and people that are like ‘talk to me when your 3’.
People that like the Chicago Bears and jerks.
People that think the book is better than the movie and people that don’t care because they are too lazy to read books.
People that follow a strict, clean diet and people that are like ‘Ooohhh, Shamrock shakes are back!’
People that read my blog and big stupid dummies. 🙂