Me and the hubs got to go out on a pretty special date last night. My mom had the kids over night and we were free from 2pm–on! Since the last movie we saw together in the theater was Inception, we thought we would take advantage of a 2:55pm showing of Mockingjay. After that we decided to go out to eat at The Shanty in Wadsworth. I have always liked this place, but have been really itching to go since they recently launched a new menu called ‘eleven’. I have heard some really great things about it and wanted to see for myself. They did not disappoint.

The first thing when we walk in the door is see the owner. He makes sure we get seated right away and within minutes I am looking down at my favorite dish of the night- The Braised Pork Shanks. He wanted us to try them and oh boy did we. I wanted to chew on the bone, and probably could have because were kind of hidden in the corner. I settled for just licking my plate clean. It was sweet and savory and amazing and I want to have it again right now. They also came with a brussel’s sprouts/kale hybrid that was so good. Usually the vegetable is just ‘there’ and it is an after thought. These vegetables were a close second to the shank in the race for favorite dish. Here is the picture. Try not to drool on your computer.


Even though we technically had the pork shanks as an appetizer, I wasn’t going to NOT get the whiskey shrimp. It is one of my favorite things of all time. It is so good. I really don’t need to go on more about it. Just go there and eat it.


For my entre` I ordered the Chilean Sea Bass with a walnut pesto and a tomato jam. This fish was cooked perfectly and the tomato jam was so good. I would actually like to buy a jar of it and have it on hand for other dishes. I will say, it was my least favorite dish of the night, but not because it wasn’t good. It was because everything else was just so perfect. I don’t normally order fish, but wanted to try something new. No regrets.


Brent ordered the Conch Fillet. It was seasoned perfectly, cooked perfectly, topped perfectly. Luckily, Brent was so full he let me have a few bites.


Well, I couldn’t finish my fish because my stomach was full to the max. I had just sat back to bask in the glory of the meal when our server came back and said, ‘your dessert is on the way’. At this point, I might have started sweating. He brings us an Apple Cinnamon Bread Pudding. A little background, Brent and I never order dessert, we don’t really like it. Neither of us have a sweet tooth. But we are not going to turn down a free gift. I honestly don’t think I have ever had bread pudding. I doubt it usually tastes this good, but I am now a bread pudding fan. A big one. It was the yummiest dessert I have ever tried.


So, dinner was over. Both of us were nearly ill, but it was only 7pm! Even though we just wanted to go home to lay on the couch, we decided to go get a drink at one of our other favorite spots- Steven’s in Gurnee. I had a decadent Mint Chocolate Chip Martini, got to see a few friends I haven’t seen in years, and unwind. We laughed when we got in the car and it was 8:39pm. Home by 9, asleep by 10, and I wouldn’t change a thing.