My 5 year wedding anniversary is tomorrow. I have been trying to think of how to celebrate the special occasion. What should I get him for a gift? What can we do for a special date? I have such an amazing husband I just really wanted to find a way to make this date special. And, considering that we both forgot our anniversary last year I felt some pressure.

I did research online and the tradition is to go on a vacation or to give a gift of wood. Well, vacation is not going to happen and that leaves wood. I can’t say what I decided on because Brent will read this, but I thought I would also honor him by dedicating this post to appreciating him. So, without further ado, here is why I love my husband.

1. He is really one of the nicest people in the world. I honestly would be shocked if I heard that someone did NOT like him. Plenty of people don’t like me, but Brent is different. He is just kind. Even dogs and babies love him.

2. He is a great father. He is engaged and capable. He is always there for his kids. He is silly, and stern, and loving, and supportive.

3. He gives me lingering kisses in the morning. I have to say that even when I am in a hurry and pushing him away, I love this time. It is a good reminder, before I start my day, that I am loved.

4. He can always get the baby to fall asleep. 2 minutes on daddy’s chest- snoozeville.

5. He thinks I am funny. I could not be happy with someone who didn’t laugh at my jokes. Maybe sometimes he is laughing AT me, but that’s okay too.

6. He never minds. What I mean by that is he is so laid back that nothing ever gets him worked up. You’re going to be 15 min late? I don’t mind. You’re going out with friends tonight? I don’t mind. I’m on my own for dinner? I don’t mind. (But, he does mind if you don’t use a turn signal. Look out!)

7. He’s a guy’s guy, but girls love him too. He can talk sports all night, but could also communicate with my friends. Some “Bro’s” come off as meat heads, but Brent can get along with anyone.

8. He treats me as an equal partner. He doesn’t think his job, time, wants/needs are more important than mine. We are in this together.

9. He tells me he loves me everyday. He says things all the time that let me know how he feels. He’ll say something like, “I’m glad we are married” out of nowhere and it makes me smile.

10. He ignores me all the time. I love and hate this one, but when I tell him to stop tickling Will because it’s bed time- he ignores me. When I tell him to stop throwing Ellis up in the air- he ignores me.

Oh, and just one more..

11. He does the dishes! (He is doing them right now)

Wouldn’t it be cool if those of you who know Brent chimed in? Why do you love Brent? Comment below.