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Brainy birds, floating free
Know what you must be
Go Away
Please don’t stay
Sing your song for me

***I wrote this after I saw the above art work by Kiersten Essenpreis. If you don’t know about her, now you know… She is incredibly talented and likely the most creative person I know in real life. Thanks for the inspiration. Check her out at http://www.youfail.com

Rainy day

photo (12)Rainy day
Complainy day
Do nothing and piss it away
Kind of day

Still feeling sick
Need to get over it quick

For Sunday
My favorite day.

100This is my 100th blog post since starting Candys brain blog last year. (Bells…Whistles….Yahoos) I can’t believe it but 100 times now I have shared what is floating around my noggin. Thank you for reading. Thank you for your kind words. Thanks for sharing my posts. Thanks thanks thanks!

When I realized that my next post was going to be the big 1-0-0 I started to stress a little. I had no idea what I should write about. I guess it doesn’t really need to be meaningful or profound (Why start now?! Ba da bum). Still, I felt extra pressure to reflect on what I am doing and why I am doing it.

In the beginning, the reason I called this ‘candys brain blog’ was because I wanted to write about all of the things in my brain. Against the advice of every book, blog, article, and expert, etc. I did not want to specialize. I didn’t want to pick one topic. For example, I didn’t want to just write about being a mom. There is so much more to me than that. I love writing about food, but I also like books, and personal growth, and life lessons, and being funny, and a bit of a feminist, and…. You get the point.

But, what IS the point? Why do I do this? It is time consuming, no one pays me, I am already very busy. What is in it for me?

Well, it turns out this is my ‘zone’. When I am writing these little posts, time disappears. Life disappears.

Kids: “Look mommy, I’m playing with matches!”

Me while writing: “That’s nice sweetie…”

It is how I relax.

But that is obviously only half of it because- why would I share it with all of you then? If it is just for me, why do I care if you’re reading it? If I really sit and think about it, it is because I am happy and I want all of you to be happy too! Really, I am happy and I want to share those happy thoughts, ideas, recipes, laughs, advice, rants, etc. with you in hopes that you will feel some of it as well. I desperately want to make you laugh, and help you find health, and teach you something new, and to motivate you to make a change, and show you that you’re not alone!

I hope I have written something over the past year that has made you think, “at least someone else is as crazy/clueless/opinionated/whatever as I am”.

I hope I have written something over the past year that has made you laugh on a day that you didn’t feel like laughing.

I hope that I have written something over the past year that has changed the way you feel about yourself.

I hope that I have written something over the past year that makes you realize that you are not the only one who is apparently ‘weird shaped’ or ‘bi-polar’ or ‘feels bad about their boobs’ or ‘needs help deciding what to feed their family’.

Not sure what the next step of this journey is. Maybe I’ll find a way to do this as ‘my job’, or maybe nothing will change. Either way, I am going to keep writing and I certainly hope that you keep reading. XOXO

Very Likely Bad Haikus

A haiku for you

You don’t even have to share!

What did you get me?


Music of our times

What a bunch of crap burgers!

I sound like my dad


Wind whispers to me

The secrets of her lost youth

I feel her pain


Haikus are the best

’cause they don’t have to make sense


Lazy Hazy Dazey Sunday

Snuggled up with my boos, two

Work and nonsense surrounds us ignored


Slowing down time with my mind

Soaking up the now-ness of well….now


Grinch by the tree,

the Elf’s on the shelf

And the man I love’s in my heart

Saturday Love

Oh, sweet Saturday nap

You delicious N-A-P

Solitary time

Special just for me


Got my comfy clothes on

(Bra thrown on the floor)

Fan to block the noise

Quick-quiet close the door


Mask covering my face

Blankets to my chin

One hour with my kids asleep

I win! I win! I win!


Got a red hot date tonight

With my husband: handsome, tall

Will I miss my kids? You say-

Oh, Ha! Not at all


Of all the days per week

My favorite is Saturday

Sure- there’s some work to do

But, it’s mostly filled with alcohol play!

So, I have heard about people doing things like this but have never tried it myself. I decided to try it and see what happens. Although, I must say, I’m a little nervous!

Here’s what I want you to do:

In the comments below, I want you to leave a quick description and link to one of your favorite blog posts that you wrote.  (I.e. Here is a humorous post I wrote about turning 30….www.blahblah…..) This way, everyone that reads my blog will also be exposed to your work as well. I can’t promise it will be  a lot of people, or that they will click thru to yours but you never know. I personally am excited to read what you post and will ‘share’ as many as I can.

Here’s what I ask in return:

Please ‘share’ one of my posts on your Facebook page. If you are a follower you can pick one of your favorites. If you are a first timer, feel free to browse and hopefully you’ll read something you like. All I ask is that you don’t share THIS post because this is not a good representation of what I typically write.

I think one of the things we all have in common is that we want to expose what we write to more people. The more people who read what we write, the better chance we have of creating a following and potentially a career in writing. It’s certainly worth a try!

So I’m officially turning into the annoying jerk that can’t stop talking about her blog. I’m a self-promoter, ‘The Expert’, and a nerd. My friend Nate made fun of me the other day for being ‘The Expert’ while simultaneously making fun of ‘The Expert’. I just can’t help myself. When I hear people talk about something I have blogged about, I say, “Oh, did you see my blog about that?!” The words leap out of my mouth before I can stop them. “Oh, you read 50 Shades of Grey? Did you see my blogs about that?” My poor husband…

If I were one of my friends, I would make fun of me A LOT!

I’ve mentioned this briefly in the past, but blogging is so weird. To have a blog you have to believe that people care what you have to say (unless you are literally just blogging for yourself, but that is pretty rare). Either you believe you are some sort of expert in your field or on specific topics, or you want to be a writer, or you think you are funny. It turns out I am guilty of all three! That means I am the worst- “Not only can learn from me, but I’m hilarious! Oh, and buy my future book.”

Why bring this up? I don’t know. Maybe it makes me feel better to laugh at myself. Maybe it’s to let you know that you can make fun of me too. Maybe it is so I don’t feel bad for making fun of other people with blogs. Because, really, they are the worst too!