Now, I am not going to assume I am busier than you because that is super annoying. Let’s just say we are AS busy as all of you are and I get very stressed about how to put a healthy dinner on the table. I know I am not alone in this department. My son is now five and therefore the crazy summer schedule begins. He has t-ball practice tonight and, of course, it is from 5:30 to 6:30. That is smack dab in the middle of normal dinner and bath time. If things weren’t already hectic enough….

So, what to do? I have 30 min. now and less than 30 min. later. *


Before practice I have approx. 30 mins. Here is what I do in round one:

Chop onions get them in the pan to caramelize (25 min. in pan with olive oil and worcestershire, salt and pepper). Med-Low heat.
Put pre-chopped baby bella mushrooms in second pan. (20 min. with olive oil, butter, pepper)
Form my Bison patties, season with salt and pepper, return to fridge
Wash and get-ready any other veggies (tonight that includes baby heirloom tomatoes and avocado)
tom and avo

After practice I will have 20-30 mins. to get dinner on the table (technically no one is timing me and demanding their food, but according to the schedule I have set for myself.)

Let patties sit at room temp for 5-10 min.
Slice avocado
Re-heat the onions and mushrooms in their original skillets
Throw patties on the grill (or in pan) to cook. 4-5 min per side (obviously depends on how thick the patties are)
Serve buffet style, with either a side salad or over greens, topped with all the yummy veg!

Bon appetite!

*I know you might be thinking, “holy crap, an hour for dinner on a busy week night!” Well, yes and no. First of all, it is not all hands on time. During my first half hour, I packed a bag for practice, got Will’s glove/hat ready, started this blog, took all the pictures of the food, etc. You could load the dishwasher, start laundry, pack the next day’s lunches, etc. And, second of all, YES. It does take more time to eat this way. Would it have been easier to open a box and microwave or go to McDonalds? Absolutely. But, I had the ingredients in the house, I had the time, and I really believe it matters to eat this way when ever we can. It has- without a doubt- changed my life. It is so worth it. (Oh, and I suck at cleaning. I would much rather cook. So, if I have an extra 30 min. I am going to spend it cooking- not cleaning.)

**I like to choose Bison meat or Grass-fed Beef whenever I can. It is healthier for us because they eat what the animal evolved to eat- GRASS! This makes their meat healthier for us. Lower bad saturated fat and a healthier ratio of omega 3’s to omega 6’s. Also, the animal is healthier and happier. Regular beef/cows are fattened with corn and treated badly and given antibiotics. I have a hard enough time choosing to eat animals, choosing these types of meats makes me feel a little better. A little…