I know most of you are saying, “Okay, if you twist my arm….” But I am serious. I recently started drinking wine almost everyday and I have been loving it. There is just something about a glass of red wine at the end of a long day that makes everything better. Here is my justification for drinking every day:

1. Wine in moderation is good for your health. Studies have shown that 1-2 glasses of wine per day* can decrease your risk for heart disease. Wine has a lot of other health benefits as well but the research is lacking a little. People in France and Italy drink wine all the time and have healthier lifestyles, less heart disease, and lower obesity than we do in America.

2. Wine helps you relax. We all have too much stress in our lives. We are worried and anxious all the time. If having a glass of wine at the end of the day decreases this stress and helps you let go, then by all means- imbibe. The stress hormone cortisol does really bad things to our bodies. We should all find something that we love that also relaxes us. Other ideas: Massage, Meditation, Exercise.

3. Wine is something you can enjoy with your husband/wife. How many things do you two do together? How many nights a week do you ‘talk’? I mean actually talk? After the kids go to bed, turn off the TV and have a glass of wine together. Talk about your days, your life’s purpose, your fantasy football team! It doesn’t matter what you talk about; just spending adult time together goes a long way.

4. Wine can help you sleep. Now, you don’t want to become dependent on alcohol to fall asleep, and too much alcohol can decrease the quality of your sleep, but 1 glass of wine will help. If nothing else, it will help you avoid laying in bed for 30 mins. worrying about what you need to do tomorrow. Sleep is important and we don’t get enough of it. Combine this point with #2, and you can really start managing your stress.

5. Wine is delicious! I know not everyone thinks that wine is delicious, but those people are wrong. It is yummy and I love it. And I’m not even a wine-snob. If I bring a $13 bottle of wine home my husband will ask what the special occasion is. It doesn’t matter. Pick one you like and can afford.

*You are NOT allowed to save up all your drinks during the week to have 7 glasses on Saturday night. Well, you can, but it’s not going to improve your health.