Last night I had the pleasure of going out with some girl friends. We all left our children and husbands at home and went to our favorite local restaurant and bar: Firkin in downtown Libertyville. Firkin is my favorite place for the following reasons:

1. It is close, local, and not a chain.

2. The food is amazing! Last night I had a warm goat cheese in spicy tomato sauce, some delicious sausage, chicken liver mouse, and aged gouda. (Who am I, right?) Everything on the menu is delicious. Also try the lobster tacos, spicy pork tacos, the chicken schnitzel, and the smoked salmon panini.

3. They have the best beer in the area, by far! Now, I am a little bit of a beer whore because I think there are only 2 on the menu that I don’t love, but great selection of great beers. Matilda, Affligem Blond, Blanche de Chambly, Orrabelle, Left-Handed Milk Stout, Mama’s Little Yella Pils. It’s my heaven.

4. The atmosphere is awesome. It’s always got the coolest vibe and decor. The picture below is how it looks during the holiday season. Very few places are actually ‘cool’ like Firkin.

firkin pic

5. The name is really fun to say in a sentence. Like, Are you Firkin kidding me?! You look Firkin hot tonight! Let’s get Firkin drunk!

6. Lastly, the company. I was with some pretty amazing women who are a lot of fun. Brooke, Amber, Katie, Nicole, Kyla, and Jaime (Sorry I don’t have a picture of everyone). We had hilarious coversations over many drinks. We talked about how a couple of us were almost in tears while getting dressed because we didn’t fit in our clothes the way we wanted to. We talked about how all of our kids are amazing and probably gifted and adorable. We debated whether or not we should ask the bartender if we could touch his stomach. We didn’t end up asking him (or touching him), maybe next time.

me and middaybrooke and amberfirkin with money