dad babyI was starting to think about Father’s Day and what men actually want and some random funny things were popping into my brain. I also noticed a theme: many of my ‘ideas’ were B-words. So, if you are still trying to think of things to get your husband* check out this list. Dad’s love their ‘#1 Dad’ mugs and their light up golf ties, but he might appreciate a couple from the list below too.

*These are for the father of your children, not YOUR father. I’m sure you could have figured that out yourself once you started reading.

1. Blackhawks- Okay, this may only work for men in Chicago but your husband would really appreciate a BH win on Saturday night. Not sure if you can make that happen, but think happy thoughts.

2. Bed- he wants to sleep in. Let him sleep until he can’t sleep anymore. Don’t wake him up by letting the kids spill cheerios on his lap. If you are going to wake him up early, I think we all know what needs to be involved…

3. Bacon- Preferably his breakfast will include bacon. Save the cholesterol lecture for another day.

4. Babies, but not too much- Of course he wants to see his babies, but not non-stop all day. He probably wants to spend some time away, or maybe just go to the bathroom by himself.

5. Balls- Let’s face it, men like to play with balls. Get your mind out of the gutter, I am referring to sports. Whether your husband likes golf or bowling or basketball or tennis- let him go play with his balls.

6. Beer- **FACT** Dad can start drinking at whatever time he sees fit on father’s day. If he wants to combine #6 Beer with #3 Bacon, he is allowed to on this one holy day.

7. BBQ- Give your man some steak or some pork shoulder or some bratwursts or some burgers! Meat-over-fire-good!

8. Baggo- I chose Baggo because it starts with a B but you can play whatever your husband likes: horseshoes, washers, beer pong (hey, another B)…

9. BJ’s- Yeah, okay, your mind is in the right place this time.