I know that in February I told you it was time to go. And really, I meant it back then. I had made a promise to myself and to you that our relationship was over!

The first couple months of letting you go was definitely the hardest. There were so many temptations, but I stayed strong. I had summer coming. And, we all know what that means. I had bathing suits, summer dresses, and shorts to look forward to. Do you know how hard it is to wear shorts? I’m not going to lie, when people started telling me how different I looked, it made me happy. I felt good about myself and it was all because you were gone. I was just as convinced as ever that I made the right choice.

But, here I am again, back at your mercy. The weather is changing. Fall is in the air. Football started for christ’s sake! Sundays now consist of 10 straight hours of laying on my couch watching TV while eating wings, spinach dip, and drinking copious amounts of beer. Oh, the beer! There are so many flavors, one for every week: pumpkin, hoptoberfest, fat tire, and many more. I love them all. What’s a girl to do?

And, I  don’t need to worry about bathing suits and summer dresses. I can wear jeans, and sweaters, and scarves, and jackets. People might not even notice if we get back together.

What else can I say? I missed you. I miss your comfort in the coming cold months. Just picture us snuggling up on the couch together, reading a book by the fire, under our old favorite blanket (I still have it, you know the one). What do you think? Can you forgive me this one last time?

Thanks for your consideration,


PS- Thanks for not telling anyone that when I say ‘5’ pounds, I really mean ’10’.

PPS- February 2013… you’re gone! I mean it this time.