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veggiesEver since I posted the blog about eating wheat free, people have been asking me, so….what do you eat then? It’s funny because I felt the same way in the beginning. When you cut out wheat you eliminate: bread, anything breaded, pasta, cookies, cakes, crackers, and almost everything processed. On top of that I cut out all food from a box and rice and potatoes. I’m not anti-rice or potatoes, but if you are trying to lose weight, these foods will kill your diet. There is a place for these carbs but not for 30+ year old women trying to lose weight. These foods are good for athletes, distance runners, etc. I get plenty of carbs from fruit and plenty of fiber from my veggies. I think often times diets fail because people just try to eat ‘less’. They don’t cut out the junk and just cut their portion sizes. Well, cutting portion sizes is a good thought, but if you are never satisfied from your meals, you are sabotaging your diet. I have also been asked by a lot of parents about budgets and grocery shopping, etc. So, what I am doing today is sharing with you my grocery order for the week and the cost (I use Peapod so the total also includes delivery). This is for a family of four, it’s a week’s worth of groceries, and we eat about 90% at home. There is very little going out for lunch/dinner.

Apples, Fugi x3
Asparagus, 1 bunch
Avocado, x2
Banana, x11 (we eat a lot of bananas!)
Blueberries, x1
Broccoli, fresh, 3 stalks, 1 crown
Brussels Sprouts, 1 pound
Baby Carrots, 1 bag
Cucumbers, x1
Kale, 1 bunch
Lemons, x2
Cataloupe, x1
Portobella mushroom caps, 1 pound
Red Onion, x1
Vidalia Onion, x2
Green Bell Pepper, x2
Raspberries, x1
Baby spinach, x1 bag
Sprouts alfalfa, x1 package
Beef steak tomato, x1
Chicken apple sausage (applegate farms, LOVE!), x1 box
Turkey breakfast sausage, x1 package
Turkey hotdogs, uncured, nitrite free, x1 package
Chicken breasts, 1 lb.
Tilapia, 1 lb.
Grass fed ground beef, 1 lb.
Deli Turkey, 1 lb.
Munster cheese, 1/2 pound
2% milk, x1 gallon
Whole milk, x1 gallon
Yogurt, Whole milk plain, 1 large tub
Yogurt, Whole milk peach, 4-pack
Eggs, free range, omega 3, x1 dozen
Orange Juice, 1/2 gallon
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
(I don’t need any nuts this week, but that is a common item as well. Almonds, pistacios, pecans, walnuts.)

TOTAL COST: $131.60

Before I made the change, I would say I was closer to $115.00 per week. So, our bill has gone up. To me, it’s worth it. I have lost 10 pounds and 2.5 inches off my waist in approx. 8-10 weeks (I’ve been exercising too). I am 5 pounds away from my ultimate goal weight and feel great! Full of energy and never hungry. Also, I firmly believe we have to choose between spending our money on food or spending our money on medicine down the road.

Every week I shop the same way. I start with veggies, then I move to fruit, then I move to meat/seafood, next is dairy, and end with nuts. That’s it. If it doesn’t fall in those categories, I don’t buy it.

I would love to hear what you think. What do you buy? Have any of you made a similar change and how do you feel? Do you have any questions? Is this helpful? I love talking about this!!!

The Grocery Fairy

I’d like to introduce you to my new best friend: Peapod.

If you are anything like me, you are too busy. I actually like to be busy, but I want to choose what keeps me that way. I like to play with my kids, and read and write, and play with my husband, and exercise (well I don’t always like the exercise). I also like to feed my family healthy food. When I say healthy I mean real food, cooked at home that is not processed. This is all a pretty tall order. One thing I do not have time for is grocery shopping. I used to spend at least 2 hours every weekend grocery shopping. Not only was I wasting my time, but my husband was at home not-cleaning or getting anything else done because he was alone  with the kids. This was EVERY weekend, over and over for the rest of my life! Or so it seemed. I made the switch a couple months ago and I really can’t imagine going back. Here is why Peapod is the best (especially for you busy moms and dads out there).

1. The time it saves me is glorious. I ‘grocery shop’ while drinking wine on Friday nights on the computer. I have my Saturday mornings back. I can’t even explain what this means to me. When you and your husband work full time, you have two days to get everything done- all the cleaning, all the fun-having, everything. I can take shopping off my list now.

2. They will deliver it almost whenever you want. One time I had them deliver it on Wednesday morning between 6am and 8am. I woke up in the morning and my groceries were waiting for me on the porch. It was like the grocery fairy came while I was sleeping. You don’t even need to be home. They will pack everything up in boxes and coolers for you while you are out.

3. It saves me money. Okay, Peapod is not the cheapest option out there. It is probably similar to Jewel and Dominicks. I would be better off going to Woodmans in Kenosha. But, bottom line, I don’t make it to Woodmans. I end up being in a hurry and going to Jewel instead. Then I spend at least $150 every time! With Peapod you can shop the weekly specials first and plan your menu around what’s on sale. Perhaps the best thing is the running total on the side. You can see your total going up the whole time and make adjustments. It’s not like Jewel when they give you your total and you just have to bend over and pay it. You can control your budget. The other day I finished and my total was $120. I really only wanted to spend $100 so I went back thru and took stuff off (“I can get burgers next week, I can wait on the shrimp, etc”).

4. No more impulse buys. I have not bought chips, cookies, ice cream, or any other impulse crap since I started using Peapod. I only buy the stuff I need. I don’t through the oreos in the cart during a weak moment. I get my fruits, veggies, meat, fish, bread, milk and I check out! Done.

By the way, I don’t have some sort of sponsorship deal with Peapod. I am just doing this to maybe help a couple of you busy people out there. Although I think I should get a $100 gift card or something out of this!