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My Idea of Summer

adirondack chairThank you baby Jesus, summer is finally upon us. I literally dream of summer all year long. In those desperate quite moments of February when you feel like you can’t take it for one more GD second, I close my eyes and think about June. I think about the sun on my bronze face and working in my garden and sidewalk chalk and happiness. And, it’s here! It’s finally here!

When I think about what I want to do with my summer… wait let me stop there for a second. Notice how I said MY summer? Notice I didn’t say my KIDS’ summer? That’s right. The kids are going to be fine no matter what kind of summer we have. Me, on the other hand, not so much. You see, my sister is the queen of summer. Not a weekend goes by where she doesn’t know about some awesome free summer event somewhere. Last year she brought us to a hot air balloon launching thing in Grayslake. It was very cool. And, bless her for not getting more irritated with me, but she sends me at least one email per week saying, ‘did you hear about the free summer concert series this weekend….want to go?’ And my response is usually something like, ‘maybe, we’ll see how the week goes.’ But, it’s all good. She likes to do that stuff. You know what I like to do? Sit in my yard listening to Bob Marley and drinking vodka (she likes to do that too…). I’d like to say that I’m joking, but I’m 100% serious. If I got to pick what I got to do on Saturdays all summer long, that would be #1.

I also love the kids running around the yard, playing on the swing set, exploring nature, and not bugging mom. It’s summer for crying out loud. They need Mom to protect them, to feed them, to love them, but they don’t need me to be their super-companion. That what’s your brother/sister, cousins, and neighbors are for. That is what your imagination is for. I’m like all of our parents were, I lose my shit when my kids say they are bored. Any one who says they are bored can go inside and take a nap! This doesn’t mean we won’t also have a blast. We got a new and improved blow up pool- cooler than anything I ever had. We got pool passes. I like to do camp fires and backyard camp-outs. I love going for long walks. We go to the park. And, we are signed up for t-ball. There is going to be plenty of fun for the kids of course. That’s the best thing about summer- it is fun without trying. Bubbles, hopscotch, hula-hoops, and hoses. That’s all it takes.

I just don’t want to jam in so much, that next thing I know it’s September and I feel like I didn’t sit down. Some people like to pack in as much fun into every day as they can muster. I like relaxing outside. To me, that is fun. (It makes me sound so lazy!). I like reading my book in the sun. I like grilling out. I like sitting around fires. I like talking with my neighbors until you say, ‘Holy crap, is that what time it is?’ I like playing bags and drinking shandy. I like waking up in the morning and blogging on my porch while my kids watch cartoons. I like going to the farmers market and touching and smelling and tasting. I like when my husband asks, ‘what’s the plan for the day?’ and I get to say ‘nothing, no plan.’

That is, until we get a boat. And then that is what I want to do everyday. But, with the Marley and the vodka….

announcementThis is a little mini-rant about why we are all crazy and about what you do NOT need to worry about eating! I have heard so many crazy things lately I feel like I am going to lose my mind. This will just take a minute…

This is for all of you chronic dieters that have cut out all of the fat and calories for years, the ones who measure your food, and are still struggling with your weight. This is for the ‘weight watcherers’ and the ‘jenny craigers’ etc. who did not lose weight (save the angry comments, I said for the ones who did NOT lose weight. I know it works for some).

No one gets obese on 2% milk! I know you switched to skim because it has fewer calories. I get it. But, no one has ever said, “man, if I could just get off the milk, I could lose these 50 extra pounds!”

No one gets unhealthy from egg yolks! Yes, I know, the bulk of the calories from eggs (and cholesterol) is in the yolk. I also know that eggs are a dieter’s best friend. If your breakfast is eggs and veggies, and you eat ‘real food’ for the rest of the day, you will not get fat or get high cholesterol.

No one gets fat from avocado or guacamole! We get fat from tortilla chips and beans and cheese and flour tortillas and margaritas- not from the delicious, nutricious, fiber-full avocado. How much avocado can you really eat when you aren’t eating all this other junk?!

No one gets chubby from yogurt! Oh, you need to switch to the fat free, sugar free yogurt? That is not what made you fat. Eating fake foods loaded with fake sugars and extra sodium and artificial flavors is a way bigger problem than a little full-fat yogurt. Look at the labels, yogurt should have fewer than 5 ingredients and none of them should be a color.

I heard some one say the other day, “But don’t almonds have a lot of fat?!” Yes, good healthy fat that our bodies (especially our hearts) NEED to function! You know what our bodies don’t need: diet soda, chips, low-fat energy bars, high protein breakfast cereal (you want more protein at breakfast? stop eating ‘lab’* carbs and start eating protein!!!!), diet bread (what does that even mean), double fiber bread (want more fiber? eat vegetables!), and the 6 Jack and cokes you have every saturday, etc. I think you get my point.

Filling your diet with ‘diet foods’ creates a life where you are:
1. Never actually satisfied
2. Always hungry
3. Constantly fighting cravings because your body is confused
4. Binge followed closely by regret and self-loathing
5. Yo-yo weight man

We need to stop focusing on ‘diets’ and focus on health. What is real? What is going to nourish?

News flash: Being healthy/thin/fit is not convenient. It will never be convenient. It takes more time to shop, more time to cook, more time to eat, more time to exercise, and more time to plan. You can’t have both quick and healthy. Now, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get easier. It certainly does. Once you establish a routine, it becomes like everything else in your life. And, the results are so immediate too that you will realize it quickly. It is such a typical american way of thinking that we can find an easy way to get healthy that won’t ‘interfere’ with our lives. Good luck America, it’s not working.

And….rant is over.

*I am going to start using the term ‘lab’ carbs to describe processed junk carbs. I am not anti-carbs! Fruits are full of healthy delicious fiber-full carbs our bodies need. I am anti anything that had to go thru 25 steps from farm to table; I am anti flourescent-orange cheese-flavored wheat-products that are ‘low-fat’.

Bi-Polar Body Image

Like most women I know, I have a jacked up body image. It makes me mad because I should know better. Like I have said before, I am not that weird shaped! I wonder why I am not more enlightened. Should I blame the media? Should I blame the fashion magazines or hollywood? Sure, they’re jerks, but they just put out what we buy. If we stopped buying into that crap, they would have to adjust. Honestly, I am the only one to blame. I am smart, I am mature, and I am surrounded by people that love me for the whole me regardless of my weight or waist. So, what’s my deal?!

To give you a little background, I don’t always feel bad about myself. In fact, I am bi-polar. I either think I am Sophia Vergara or the Stay-puft marshmallow man (Seriously, ghostbusters 1 and 2 were some of the best comedies ever! Under-rated, but I digress). There are days when I look into the mirror and I’m all like, “Damn girl, you look good!” There are other days when I want to drape my self in velvet-if it were socially acceptable- or some other kind of loose, warm, comfy fabric that I can disappear into. (If you got that velvet reference, give yourself a high five for being awesome.) Overall, though I would say I have a high level of confidence. I usually walk into a room like I own it.

bi-polar body image

With that said, why do I let myself talk down to myself? Why do I torture my poor husband by brushing off his compliments? You know how we do that ladies, “Oh, I love that dress on you.” and then we reply, “Just think of how good it would look if I lost 10 pounds!” That’s really annoying. I know it’s annoying and I still do it.

I think we all have a ‘story’ about ourselves that we have made up. Something that sticks with you for years. Maybe you used to be 30 pounds over weight, and now you still think of yourself as ‘that chubby girl’. My ‘story’ is that I am the big girl out of all my friends. Every single one of my friends is smaller than me and always has been. I’ve never been truly big, but always biggest. I have tiny little girl friends and a tiny little sister; they’re the worst! 🙂 So, my ‘story’ is that people look at me and think I am the big one. This is probably (hopefully) crazy. I doubt people care enough to even notice something like that. But, the point is, I am technically a healthy weight. My BMI is within the normal range. I clean up good. Why do I care so much? Why does my logical brain who knows I should be proud of my appearance disappear and let my stupid emotional brain insult me? My logical brain shouldn’t stand for that! And that is exactly what I am going to try to do from now on.

All compliments will be accepted with grace. From now on, when I get a compliment, I am going to say “thank you”. Simple as that, no qualifiers. “Hey that’s a nice shirt” will not be followed with “Oh, this thing? It’s super cheap; got it at Target.” It will now be followed with “thank you”.

I will not insult myself. I will no longer judge myself in a negative way. I will not allow ME to hurt ME out loud or in my head.

I will no longer compare myself to others. This is tough, but I will not compare myself to friends or strangers or celebrities or manequins. It’s funny how we only see the areas where we lose in comparisons.

I will no longer put thoughts into strangers heads. In other words, I will not make up stories about the way the world sees me. I am no longer the ‘big girl’ in my mind.

Ladies, let’s let go of our baggage and just enjoy our bodies for what they can do. This doesn’t mean we don’t try to improve by eating right and exercising, but it does mean no more obsessing. No more worrying about what others think. No more looking in the mirror and seeing anything but your true reflection. No more holding on to old stories or issues that are haunting us. Go give yourself a compliment. Be proud of yourself.

I’ll start right now: My butt has been looking really good lately since I started working out again!

Use the comments section to compliment yourself. Come on, you deserve it. It feels good.

Advice for New Moms

This post is inspired by my dear friend Deidre who was recently impregnated (way to go Greg!). I remember what it felt like to be pregnant and excited and bombarded by bad advice so I thought to myself, ‘I should give her more advice!’ So, this is for Deidre and Greg and all other expectant moms and new moms and old moms and women who are glad they are not moms.


1. Definitely Breast Feed! (Unless you can’t or don’t want to or have sore nipples. And if any one gets up on their high horse telling you what you should do with YOUR child and YOUR body can go kick rocks!)

2. Try your best every day! (Granted some days your best is crying on the inside of a locked bathroom door while your kids are crying on the other side of said door because you just want one goddamn minute to yourself!)

3. Definitely keep having sex with your husband- you’re welcome Greg. (Unless you are tired, or hungry, or full, or feel ugly because you’re so full)

4. Let your husband change the first 5 poopy diapers, even if you are feeling up to it. (It’s like tar and it doesn’t come off, and you go thru like 7 wipes, and you think ‘what am I doing wrong…. am I being punk’d?!’)

5. Definitley listen to all the advice you get, especially from your grandma and all her friends! (Yeah, because nothing has changed in 50 years! We are all lucky to be alive with the stomach sleeping and the whiskey on our gums and the second hand smoke!)

6. Never feel guilty- you’re a good mom! (We have ALL woken up from an accidental nap and panicked until we figured out where our kid was, we have ALL dropped our kid or dropped something on our kid, we have ALL let the baby cry until half time or a commercial break.)

7. Read to your infant every day for 20 minutes! (This always works out perfect-sarcasm font- They squirm, they cry, they drool, they rip pages, they pull your hair and punch you in the boobs. Wait, Sesame Street is kind of like reading, right?)

8. Breast feeding shouldn’t hurt if you’re doing it right. (LIARS! Why do they do that to us? For some lucky ladies out there this is true. Others not so much. If you have a particularly nazi-type-breast-feeding-mother-earth-type nurse tell her to go eat a granola bar. You’ll figure it out. If not, buy a pump.)

9. Do everything you can to prepare for delivery: read books, take classes, and make a birthing plan. (Again, this usually goes exactly as planned! Oh, you want to give birth on an exercise ball in a calm dark room with deep breathing, listening to chimes while eating hummus? You’re cute.)

10. Please, for the love of god, take awkward pregnancy photos and post them on Facebook! (Seriously, please do this. Like, one with you in just a bra and Greg shirtless holding an American flag while flexing a bicep. Just an idea, pick your own ridiculous scenario.)

11. Take pictures of your boobs a couple days after delivery! (You’ll just have to trust me on this one. They are hilarious and glorious!)

12. Join Pinterest! (God knows you can’t just have a baby shower or 1st b-day party or even just take regular pictures of your baby anymore. We all have to compete to see who can be the most creative! Oh… you mean you didn’t make a birthday crown out of an old pallet, a piece of burlap, and a paper clip!? Don’t disappoint us, we are all counting on you.)

13. Never raise your voice in anger at your children! (Well, unless they are being assholes.)

Hope that helps. Cheers! Well, at least cheers to you Greg.

1. Your Job: The latest research shows that if you sit all day at work, and spend most of your evening sedentary as well, working out 3x/week at a gym is not enough! That’s right, those (few) of you that actually get in 3 workouts per week- it’s not enough. We have to find more ways to move every day. Walk on your lunch break, pace while on conference calls, do jumping jacks in the bathroom, do push ups before you get in the shower, etc. Move that ass!

2. Your gym membership: Okay, this might not be making you fat, but it is likely keeping you fat. A large majority of people have no idea what to do while they are at the gym. FYI, hopping on the elliptical for 20 mins while reading a magazine and then doing a couple weight machines followed by a steam room is getting you nowhere fast! If you are trying to LOSE weight you probably need a professional. Maybe this is a personal trainer, maybe this is a boot camp (I recommend Lake County Boot Camps, maybe this is a group exercise class, or maybe it is a high intensity DVD in your living room. You need high intensity and someone who is going to push you. Any of these is certainly is better than dickin’ around for an hour at the gym clueless.

3. Your kids: That’s right, your kids are making you fat. You probably made your mom fat (I just called your mom fat) and now your kids are returning the favor. You have no time, you can’t find a sitter, and you steal their french fries- I get it. You have to find away to get away from those monsters.

4. Your fake food diet: This may be the worst offender! You think you are making smart choices with your diet pop or by using splenda in your coffee. False! Artificial sweeteners are bad for you. Period. They are nothing but chemicals and convince your body to crave more sweet food because it is not satisfied. Low fat cookies? Low calorie bread? That translates to full of fake non-food created in a lab. Michael Pollan: Eat food, mostly plants, not too much. Jillian Michaels: If it doesn’t come from the ground, and it doesn’t have a mother, you shouldn’t eat it!

5. Your sleep: Or should I say ‘lack-there-of’? We are not sleeping enough. It’s almost like a sick badge of honor. “I’m such a hard worker and I’m so dedicated that I only get 4-5 hours of sleep a night.” BS! You need sleep. You heal when you sleep. Your body releases growth hormone when you sleep. Without this sleepy goodness, you get fat! Also, more sleep=less stress=better sleep=better health. Do it.

30 Day Challenge Summary

Well, my 30 days is up. Here is what I learned while to trying to be the best me I could be:

  • My happiness really has nothing to do with the number on the scale. I mean, don’t get me wrong, if I really let things get out of control it would bother me. But, if I am within 10 lbs. of my ultimate goal weight, I’m cool.
  • It turns out you cannot have a fun-size candy bar every day for the month of October and lose weight. I know… shocker!
  • I really hate cleaning! I really really do. And, the funny thing is, I don’t really care that much. Yes my house could be cleaner. Yes I could be more organized. But it turns out I can turn blind and satisfied eye to my clutter and still enjoy my day. I would much rather play with my kids, or play with my husband than clean. Perhaps if I had more ‘free’ time, I would feel better about designating time for chores, but until I do I will have a messy house but a happy home.
  • I love helping out people that need it. I will say there was a point when I was at the grocery store and was worrying about money (because we don’t have a lot) and I remembered that I have never had to go to bed hungry or had to choose between feeding my kids and something else. I have always been able to put a winter coat on their backs. No matter how little you think you have, there is always someone with less. What can you sacrifice out of your current budget that may help someone else?
  • Exercise makes me feel good, I know all the good things it does for my body, I enjoy it while I do it, and I still have a hard time getting it done. If I don’t have a plan, I will fail.
  • Sitting around ‘pinning’ pictures of fit women with inspirational phrases does not make my ass tight. I know…shocker! I actually have to put the computer away and do some mother f*cking squats.
  • Writing makes me happy. It always does. For me, there is nothing more soothing than sitting here talking to all of you. I can almost picture you while you are reading this and it makes me smile.
  • This moment right now is when I am at my happiest: I am writing, drinking hot apple cider, I have pasta sauce on the stove, and I am listening to my baby snore away on the monitor (she is sick right now and therefore sounds like a middle aged man from Wisconsin). This is what makes me feel like ‘me’.
  • I am so blessed in my life and in my love. Whenever I am not feeling like ‘me’, I need to take a step back and soak it all in. I need to take a step back and ask myself, “is what I’m doing right now, getting me closer to the ultimate dream for my life?”, or “is what I am doing right now contributing to my future happiness?”, and “is what I am doing contributing to anyone else’s happiness, or is it just my own?”

I don’t know whether I would classify this month as a success. I didn’t reach a lot of my goals. I didn’t lose any weight. I didn’t get organized. But, I did gain a little perspective. I did enjoy sharing it with all of you. Thanks for listening and hopefully you took at least one positive away from all of my ramblings. 🙂

Btw, I feel a little like Oprah using a picture of myself, but this post was about me so I didn’t know what else to use. Don’t judge!

6 a.m. alarm buzzes, get ready for work, kiss kids goodbye by 7 a.m., and then race to work. Fast forward to 3:30, jet home, play with kids, cook, eat dinner, go for a run (if I am lucky), bath times, kids in bed. At 7:45 I sit down for the first time, spend an hour or so with the hubby, read, and grown-ups go to bed. Repeat.

This is my life. So, do I have it all? No!

Only in America do we have these extreme ideas like ‘having it all’, ‘finding the one’, having ‘the perfect body’, and ‘living the dream’. Not only do I think these things are unrealistic, I think that they are dangerous. Having it all is not attainable because it is fiction. If we spend our time trying to get to a finish line that doesn’t exist- we never stop running! The problem is that someone is always going to have more, or have it better, or have it easier. The grass is always greener and those damn Jones’ are very hard to keep up with. If we are always looking for that next upgrade, whether it’s our cell phones or our homes or our marriages, we will never be satisfied. Now that is an unpleasant way to live- always feeling like there is something better just out of your reach.

Instead of trying to achieve the un-achievable, I propose, we focus on being happy. Just happy; simple as that. Now, to do this may take some creative thinking, but we can choose what to focus on. We may not have control over everything that happens in our lives, but we certainly have control over how we let the circumstances affect us. I am constantly telling myself, “re-frame….re-focus”. Whenever something irritates me, when I don’t have what I think I want, and when someone else is affecting my happiness, I just change my focus. I (try to) learn what I can from the situation, focus on what I DO have in my life, and I move on. I know, easier said than done.

I might not have it all, but I have enough. In fact, I have a little bit of everything. I have a job that makes me happy, but it’s not the biggest and best paying job. I have a handsome husband of five years. We don’t get a lot of fancy dinners and fabulous vacations, but we love each other. I have a social life- not much of one- but it counts! I have great friends and the world’s best sister. And, I have 2 beautiful children that make me smile every day of my life. I can’t believe how much those sticky little monkeys make me melt. But, even with my babies, very often I have to tell them no; that they can’t have it all either.

So, like I said, I don’t have it all, but it’s enough to make me happy. Although, I will admit that when I am reading my son his story and he looks up at me and says, “Mommy, I very love you” it sure feels like I have it all. That is, until- 6 a.m. alarm buzzes….


*This was actually submitted for a little contest and since I didn’t win, I thought I would share it with all of you. Who needs money for writing anyway???

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I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean that. I just get so mad sometimes when I have to do something I don’t want to do. I tell you, the middle class gets screwed! My husband and I both have to work full-time which means we have no time, but we also never have any extra money so I can’t hire anyone to do my chores for me. It’s just not fair! (feet stomping)

Okay, I had to get that off my chest. I know that there are real people with real problems. I know that when your ‘big’ problem is clutter from mail and school projects, that you really don’t have a big problem. Yes, universe, I get the message. Instead of focusing on the tiny insignificant things in my life, I should focus on every single blessing I have. (contented smiling face)

So, back to my project.

Date: 10/29/2012

Weight: 149 (oh screw it!)


  • I organized a food drive at my work and it went really well. I gathered two big boxes of food to bring to the pantry which I will do this week.
  • I gave blood. I really should do this more often, it’s so easy. If you don’t give blood, please consider doing it. There are constantly shortages and the world needs you!
  • I did go thru most of my mail/papers and got rid of the old. The problem is that it never stops. Remember from Seinfeld when Newman spoke of why mailmen go crazy b/c the mail never stops. That is how I feel.


  • This was the first time I didn’t get my 3 workouts in. As the weather gets colder it is going to be harder and harder for me to get this in. I need to recommit and come up with a game plan. You know how you do better with your dinners when you plan a menu for the week? I need to start doing this with workouts (Oh, that could be a whole separate blog post).
  • Fricken Halloween Candy!!!

Plan for the coming week:

  • Re-focus on fitness! I need to start making plans for myself and squeezing in mini-workouts every morning and evening. We might not all have an hour every day, but everyone can find 10 mins in the morning and 15 mins in the evening. I may have to turn into one of those people that does jumping jacks during commercials.
  • I still have to find my good deed. I did 2 last week so I could slack off and skip, but then it’s not a challenge. Open to suggestions. Anyone have a good idea of how I can make the world a better place?
  • I do have a friend doing a coat/clothes drive for some kids in need. Here is the link: http://www.facebook.com/#!/CaringForKidsClothingDrive If you have any desire to help out some very deserving kids in need, you can check out this non for profit and make a donation.

Thanks for reading as usual. How are all of you doing?

*Coming this week: a post on Having It All and one about America by the Numbers

If you are just joining us, this is the 2nd week (3rd post) on a 30 day life improvement challenge. Here is the original post . Okay, this week did not go as planned. I have a couple of successes, but did not acheive my goals. I had a little extra stress this week. Normally I am a pretty low stress person, but this week I couldn’t help it. Here’s the breakdown:

Date: October 23rd

Weight: 149 (+1 from last week, -1 total)


  • The big success was the 5K I did on Saturday. My goal was to do it in under 32 min. I did it in 31.24. That is just over a 10 min/mile pace. I am very proud of that. I started running this summer. Before that I was NOT a runner. When I first started, it sucked, it was hard, and I was slow. Just 4-5 months later of running 1-2 times a week and I acheived my goal. Next year I want to do the same race in under 30 min.
  • Today I had only 20 mins to exercise so I decided to do 1 mile as fast as I could and for the first time I ran a 9 min. mile outside in my neighborhood. It felt like I was sprinting! I seriously do not see how people run faster than that!
  • I gave some good friends a little shout out with my last blog:  It was fun to write and hopefully the people I mentioned felt the love. If you missed it, check it out. I have some pretty amazing friends.


  • Hot Apple Cider and Bacardi, Big sandwich, Halloween candy, donuts, chinese food, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, etc. I never eat as much as I did last week, let alone after committing to the world that I would watch my diet. Total fail! Back on track, starting now! That is why I am drinking a stupid glass of water right now instead of a beer.
  • Using the 5K as an excuse to do all of this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^. Who am I kidding, it was 3.1 miles. Not a marathon. It doesn’t give me a free pass.
  • I did NOT organize my mail. I still have chaos in the form of paper all over my house. But, my room is still clean!

Next Week:

  • I am organzing a food drive with my work and friends (and who ever else wants to help…..readers?….). The food bank in my community is low on supplies and I want to help.
  • I am giving blood on Thursday! I should do this more often, but I do it at least 2x/year. If you don’t give blood- start!
  • I WILL organize my mail! I will, I will…..
  • No more crazy diet break downs.
  • Be my own #1 advocate. No more waiting around and hoping things will go my way. Start believing that I have control over my life and outcomes.

How are all of you doing? Some of you mentioned that you would join me in your own goals. What are your successes/challenges?


(By the way, check back this week. I am currently developing my first and only political blog for this election season. I am sure none of you are sick of politics yet *sarcastic font*. It will be good though- at least I hope it will.)

So I have week one done and under my belt. It was a great week! I had some challenges for sure, but still really excited about my journey. If you did not read the original challenge, check that out first and come back. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. http://wp.me/p2kXHK-6C

Full Disclosure: I am drinking a beer while I write this. I know, I am weak.

Date: 10/16/12

Weight: 148 (that’s right, down 2 pounds)


It was interesting going through the week. I was very task oriented, “I need to this, and I need to not do that…” I lost site a little about the purpose of this which is to be the best me I can be. I want to be the version of myself that I like the most. Somethings that I do get me closer to this (exercise, eating right) other things do NOT make me happy (not drinking for example). So for the next week I am going to focus more on my purpose in this process.

There is something about having a goal that can really change your brain. It gives you a sense of urgency, it holds you accountable, and it makes it easier on you. For example, I really didn’t feel like exercising one day and I said to myself, “Well, I have to. I said I would so I’m stuck. I have to.” Simple as that. So if you are reading this and you don’t have a goal, you need to make one/some. And it can’t just be ‘get in shape’. That goal sucks! You need to set a goal and then develop action steps along the way. It might look like:

Goal: Lose 15 pounds!

  • Start keeping food journal
  • Cut out soda (diet and regular)
  • Get a personal trainer for 1 month

You get the point. You have to have a plan.


Well, I would consider losing 2 pounds a success! We’ll see how accurate that weight is after I weigh in again next week. I know weight can fluctuate from day to day (especially with women).

I got in my 3 work outs. One of them was running 3.5 miles on Saturday. That is my longest run yet! I was very proud of it. I also ran a sled hill tonight. I ran a lap (approx. 1/4 mile) then did the hill up and down twice, repeat 3 more X. It sucked, but I kind of liked it too.

We had our most successful shoe drive at my work to date! I found 8 pairs of shoes laying around our house to donate.

I did mostly good with my diet. I didn’t have any soda, and tried to eat well. I did make Beer Bread which I think breaks 2 rules (carbs and alcohol together- what is this? Christmas?)

And I cleaned my f-ing room! I felt like a little kid who couldn’t go out and play until they cleaned their room. Thankfully my husband helped so it took half the time.



I haven’t seen the top of this dresser in a long time!





I finished one of my books (Gone Girl- pretty good) and started a new one. I actually picked up a book about blogging! I will plow through that one.


I drank. We celebrated a big deal on Friday night for my husband and I had a couple cocktails. BUT- I only had two because I knew I had my big run the next day. And, obviously I am having a beer right now. I just told my neighbor tonight that I guess I don’t want to be skinny that bad! I think for me it will just need to be drinking like a responsible adult. Enough to unwind after a long week with my husband and enjoy our evening, but not enough to limit me the next day.

What’s to come?

I signed up for a 5K for this Saturday. My goal is to do it in under 32 min. Let me make this clear though- that is a goal! That will be difficult for me to do- so don’t hold your breath.

For giving back, I decided I am going to do a little promoting for some friends. More to come on this via blogging this week. Stay tuned!


Thanks to all of you have sent happy thoughts my way. I feel more like me already. Anybody feel like beginning their own journey to self improvement? Who’s coming with me????