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Past is past

Letting go of

what I used to think was me

memories and regret

time to let me be

old is gone

like summers past

can’t feel the sun

not meant to last

I’m not that girl

though not ashamed

she got me here

not to be blamed

so bye to the tightness

that creeps in my chest

time for my guilt

to be laid to rest 


Brainy birds, floating free
Know what you must be
Go Away
Please don’t stay
Sing your song for me

***I wrote this after I saw the above art work by Kiersten Essenpreis. If you don’t know about her, now you know… She is incredibly talented and likely the most creative person I know in real life. Thanks for the inspiration. Check her out at http://www.youfail.com

Rainy day

photo (12)Rainy day
Complainy day
Do nothing and piss it away
Kind of day

Still feeling sick
Need to get over it quick

For Sunday
My favorite day.

Oh, a holiday weekend

Time to run, run, runholiday couple

Worst parking spot ever!!

Isn’t this fun?


Don’t forget the teachers,

and the mailman and your boss

I’m blinded by the light

Of my neighbors neon cross


The kids are running crazy now

with tiny frantic eyes

Santa Claus is watching

so no more little lies


Dad hasn’t started yet

with two days left to spare!

Mom’s been out for months

and pulled out most her hair.


It’s great to be done now

Just need to sit and wrap

Son of a….forgot the stockings

To Target for more crap


Gained 7 pounds since Turkey day

Look like a Christmas ham!

Shit! Forgot my neighbor

Maybe I’ll re-gift this jam?


Griswolds on the TV set

makes the season bright

White Christmas is coming next

Ignoring husband’s plight.


Finally done with everything

Can’t make me go back out!

Mother.*@….! Cookies for Santa

Now mom is gonna pout!


Last time to the store I swear

Or so I’d like to think…

I’ll get some baileys while I’m there

At least I can have a drink!

Very Likely Bad Haikus

A haiku for you

You don’t even have to share!

What did you get me?


Music of our times

What a bunch of crap burgers!

I sound like my dad


Wind whispers to me

The secrets of her lost youth

I feel her pain


Haikus are the best

’cause they don’t have to make sense


Lazy Hazy Dazey Sunday

Snuggled up with my boos, two

Work and nonsense surrounds us ignored


Slowing down time with my mind

Soaking up the now-ness of well….now


Grinch by the tree,

the Elf’s on the shelf

And the man I love’s in my heart

Saturday Love

Oh, sweet Saturday nap

You delicious N-A-P

Solitary time

Special just for me


Got my comfy clothes on

(Bra thrown on the floor)

Fan to block the noise

Quick-quiet close the door


Mask covering my face

Blankets to my chin

One hour with my kids asleep

I win! I win! I win!


Got a red hot date tonight

With my husband: handsome, tall

Will I miss my kids? You say-

Oh, Ha! Not at all


Of all the days per week

My favorite is Saturday

Sure- there’s some work to do

But, it’s mostly filled with alcohol play!

Marathon Limerick






There once was a girl from Nantucket


She meant to do 26 but said ‘fuck it’


It got way too hard

She can’t run ‘cross the yard


Make fun and she’ll tell you to ‘suck it!’




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I’m a domestic goddess

My home an oiled machine

Just like Martha Stewart

Except I only cook, not clean


My house is never tidy

But I have happy kids

Laundry piles up

My tupperware- never lids!


We run around like maniacs

I cannot keep it straight

I never use my calendar

Too much on my plate


I love my kids and husband

Simple joys of motherhood

I rock heels with my diaper bag

I make moms look good!


I think my husband’s sexy

and he thinks I am too

I’m a mother AND a wife

Career? You know I do


I’m a domestic goddess

Like I previously said

The song said it best

Lady in the street; freak in the bed!


Inspired by my son’s smile.


Seeing someone smile, can be so simply sublime

Why anyone would choose to frown

Has no reason or rhyme