As a parent, you have a vision for your kids. You have a dream that you want for your family and for your children. I thought I would share my hopes and dreams for my little angels.

Dear Will and Ellis,

  • I hope you never pass up an opportunity to be kind. I hope that you care about your fellow-man. I hope that when you see pain, suffering, and injustice that it makes you sad. I hope you never become desensitized to the world that we live in. I hope you never forget that every life has value.
  • I hope that you like yourself. I hope that you have the confidence and strength to know yourself, trust yourself, and listen to yourself no matter what everyone else is saying. I hope that you will have the courage to make up your own mind and the determination to speak your mind when it matters.
  • I hope that you love each other. There are very few bonds like that of siblings. I hope that you realize all the arguing you are going to do is trivial and I hope that you remain best friends for life.
  • I hope you fall madly in love with books and learning. I hope that you study something that excites you and I hope you work in a field that doesn’t feel like work.
  • I hope that some day soon you will learn in school about how there USED to be discrimination against homosexuals. I hope that the country that you grow up in will open their eyes and realize that all people have the right to love each other.
  • I hope that you laugh a lot. I hope that your life is filled with joy. I hope that you are able to appreciate how great life is and all that you have. I hope that you are grateful for each and every blessing in your life and never take anything for granted.
  • I hope you remember how much mommy and daddy love you and that nothing will ever change that. I hope you know that you can tell us anything and we always be there for you.



I think it’s important to know what you want for your kids. I also think it is important to stay focused on your dreams. If you focus on what you want, you’ll recognize when you are moving in the wrong direction. What dreams do you have for you kids?