Let me start by painting a picture for you: I am driving home from the grocery store last night, listening to the radio, lost in my thoughts. I just stopped and picked up a couple bottles of liquer in anticipation of making some new, winter cocktails. This is what ran through my brain- ‘In-home date night with the hubby, making some fancy cocktails/martinis, sushi for dinner, the house is all decorated, Oooh! Baby Got Back!’ Sir Mix A Lot came on the radio and reminded me that I am NOT, in fact, fancy. I also don’t have martini glasses so I drank my martini’s out of a margarita glass.

So yesterday I posted on Candysbrain blog facebook page (you should like it by the way if you haven’t already) that I needed some good ideas for some new cocktails. I am in a bit of a drinking rut- going to the same things over and over. I wanted to spice it up with a holiday cocktail that you can cozy up with. I got a couple of replies and did a little bit of research and created a few of my own. I thought I would share with you and perhaps brighten up your holidays (or at least help you tolerate your relatives). Here are my four faves-

1. Harvey Wallbanger: I, of course, did not create this drink. My husband is a huge OJ fan (the drink not the murderer) and so this was a no-brainer when we saw it.

1 oz. Vodkaharvey wallbanger

3 oz. Orange Juice

1/4 oz. Amaretto (drizzled on top)

Garnished with an orange slice

2. Bailey’s Holiday Mint Martini: I made up this name. It may very well have a real name out there somewhere.

2 oz. Bailey’s original

1 0z. Peppermint schnapps

Shaken, not stirred. Poured over chocolate drizzle in the martini glass. Garnish with mint leaf if you are fancy.

3. White Christmas Martini: Again, made up the name. Still my favorite holiday movie (Sisters….sisters…)

1 oz. Vodka

1 oz. Amaretto

1 oz. Heavy cream

Sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar. Shaken up good. (Chocolate would be yummy here too, but might ruin the white xmas theme).

4. Hot cider rum: I love this drink! This is one of those drinks that you don’t feel guilty about starting at 10am. There are a million versions of this drink out there. Here is one option:

1 part rum (either spiced like Captains or Bacardi, depends on your preference)

2 parts apple cider (Although, if you want a stiff drink you could use less. I like to use less)

1-2 Lemmons, cut in slices

1-2 Cinnamon sticks

Heat up in big stock pot or crock pot, serve in mugs. A true hot-toddy.

Hope this helps you get drunk in style this winter. Let me know what you think or if you have any drinks you recommend. I am always interested in trying something new!